Forskning kring Yoga


Forskning kring Yoga

Yoga för alla samarbetar gärna med forskare inom psykologi och idrott för att lära oss mer om yoga.

Just nu arbetar forskaren Claire Collision från University of Brighton med sin avhandling inom sport psykologi med Yoga för alla Malmö som sitt fältarbete. Claire undersöker hur kvinnor med flyktingbakgrund upplever yoga. Med Claire’s egna ord:

”I am looking forward to starting my research in Malmo which is generously funded by the University of Brighton. I am documenting the impact that Yoga has on a group of refugee women.

Iyengar defines Yoga as to ‘attain the integrity of oneness with ourselves and consequently oneness with all that lies beyond ourselves. We become the harmonious microcosm in the Universal macrocosm’. This is the essence of my research. I will be spending the next three months interviewing refugee women and attending the Yoga classes.

Arriving last week and meeting everyone at Yoga for Alla has been inspiring. What a great Yogi powered project, Yoga for Alla is! All the Yoga participants dedicate 100 % of themselves to each Yoga class and the teachers are the bright stars on all of our horizons! Yoga for all has been expertly crafted together by a fantastic sister duo; Johanna and Josephine. The sparkle in the team, joining up all the stars giving it 100% is without a doubt Iman. Shukran Iman!”

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